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Paul & Kristi Robinson

Missionaries to Colombia


Current Ministry: Our ministry focus is to the National Police of Columbia and their families. Our ministry name is Heroes of Justice, and we are a "servant ministry" dedicated to reaching Columbia's "lost" through our ministry to the National police and their families. We also assist the National Church through planting, construction, and evangelism; coordinate missions teams to come and minister; and teach police officers conversational English.

AGWM Account: #2669174

Birthdays and Anniversary
Paul - September 7th
Kristi - March 1st
Anniversary - Aug 14

Mailing Address
31591 W. 208th St
Lawson, MO 64062

816-256-4137 (reaches us both overseas & at home-like making a phone call to Kansas City)

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Facebook: Paul Robinson
Skype: paul.robinson404