January 6-9, 2019

Hosted by Lawson AG • Pastor Zack Searcy

"We have invited a great list of speakers to challenge those who attend. Dr. Jerry Camery-Hogatt is a retired professor from Vanguard University and is a masterful storyteller. David Hertweck is a gifted strategist for moving the church forward in devotion to the word and the Spirit. Heath Adamson is a mercurial national leader with incredible insight into the word of God. Brad Riley carries a charismatic ministry that stretches our faith and points us to the power of God. Dr. George Westlake, Jr. is father in the faith to the Kansas City region and a steady voice in the Assemblies of God. We are excited to learn from these varied and influential speakers."

Pastor Zack Searcy

This free conference is open to all, and is an opportunity to start the year off right and point your heart toward Jesus!