The My One Shirt movement is an initiative for students and their churches designed to help you start a conversation about eternity. This one-month campaign allows students to work together with a pastor to create awareness for The Human Right and represent Jesus to their friends, while also raising funds for Speed the Light.

The My1Shirt process is simple:

1. Purchase a shirt for $15.  A portion of that money goes to Speed the Light.*

2. Wear the shirt for 30 days beginning September 28th.  The campaign ends October 28th.

3. When people ask about the shirt, tell them that you are raising funds for missionaries who share with the poor the message of Jesus Christ.

Many people in the world are poor, and most of them only have one shirt. Speed the Light provides vehicles and audio/visual equipment so that missionaries can share with the world the message of the Gospel.

This year we are focusing on the remaining projects we have on the books. Currently we only have right around $50,000 to raise between now and the end of the year to be able to take care of every project we have before 2017. In 2017 we can pick up brand new projects as a District to work towards!

*Churches will only receive giving credit towards Speed the Light when they fill out the My1Shirt Order Form.  Your Church Order form must be turned in by September 14th, 2016