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Camper Registration - $170 (July 9-13, 2018)

There are three steps to the Summer Camp registration process:

Step 1 - Paper Registration

Download and fill out the paper registration form, which includes detailed medical and emergency information for each camper.  When you have completed the paper registration, please turn it in to your camper's leader.  

Each camper must bring a paper registration form to camp.

Step 2 - Online Registration

Each camper must fill out the online registration form below.  

This form is essential for purchasing supplies and preparing the campground for your camper.


Step 3 - Payment

Our preferred method of payment for NOMOAG Summer camp is by check.  Contact your leader to arrange this form of payment. If you must use debit/credit card to pay the camp registration fee, click this link to go to the payment page.

If your camper does not have a youth leader, or if the church is not collecting registration fees, make your check payable to NOMOAG and send to:

Attn: Summer Camp
2600 I-70 Drive NW
Columbia, MO 65202

Please note that on-site (first day of camp) registration is $185.  We would like all registrations to be processed by July 1.

Questions?  Contact Bunny Hartzler, 816-637-9868, or email,

Camp Worker - $85

Because we take the safety of our campers very seriously, camper worker applications cannot be processed online.  Each camp worker must agree to a background check which requires a physical signature. Camp workers are only approved to participate in camp after the application has been processed.


Lake Maurer Retreat Center

901 Lake Maurer Road, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024