John & Dawn Elliott

Missionaries to Zambia


Current Ministry: The primary focus of our ministry has been the training of local church leaders. Dawn has recently become involved in adult literacy, helping women learn how to read the Bible in Bemba. John is also national director for Global University, serves as Team Leader for Zambia, and is looking forward to becoming more involved in M.A. and Ph.D. programs being offered on the African continent.

AGWM Account: #2243913.

Birthdays and Anniversary
John - May 26
Dawn - March 1
Wedding - June 14

Mailing Address
USA:  1046 Oak Terrace Ct., Fenton, MO 63026
Zambia: P.O. Box 310216 Chelstone, Lusaka Zambia

Google Voice: 636-492-1030
John’s cell: 636-579-4268

E-mail: john.elliott@agmd.org

Website: www.JD-Elliott.net

Social Network
Facebook: John Morris Elliott
Facebook: Dawn Elliott