David & Elaine Damron

Appointed Special Missionaries


Current Ministry: I serve as Missionary Architect to the AGWM family. I am assigned to Cary Tidwell under General Missionary Appointment Status. Elaine and I started in our missions experience as MAPS workers to Brussels, Belgium at ICI. That was in 1978. We were fully appointed as missionaries about five years later. This is our 30th years as Assemblies of God missionaries. I am supposed to be itinerating at the moment but actually have not started yet. I keep taking on design projects and I have not been active in scheduling services. I need to change that and I am available for services now.

AGWM Account: #2182780

Family Birthdays and Anniversary
David - January 20
Elaine - August 7
Anniversary - August 17

Mailing Address
Home: 3710 N. Temple Ave.
Springfield, MO 65803
Office: 1640 N. Boonville
Springfield, MO 65803

(417) 833-4431
Dave cell: (417) 861-8352
Elaine cell: (417) 860-7650
Fax: (417) 868-8397


Social networking
Facebook: David Damron
Facebook: Elaine Damron