Credential Information

Ministerial Credentialing is a very important issue.  As a credentialed Assemblies of God minister, you join the ranks of men and women who for decades have proclaimed and lived the principles set forth in the Scriptures.  We encourage you to pursue your credential diligently.  

If we can be of assistance to you in this regard, please feel free to contact Randy Lee directly at,   We want to help you in fulfilling God’s call on your life.

The Assemblies of God gives recognition to the following classifications of ministers:

  • Certificate of Ministry

  • License

  • Ordination

Certificate of Ministry - for those who sense a call to ministry and have met the minimum educational requirements (equal to a two-year Bible college experience with at least 24 hours in Bible and theology), and who are devoting a part of their time to Christian ministry.

Ministry License - for those with evidence of a divine call to ministry who have met the educational requirements (equal to a three-year Bible college experience with at least 24 hours in Bible and theology) and who are devoting the majority of their time to Christian ministry.  Candidates should be credentialed for one year prior to applying for Ministry License.

Ordination - for those of mature experience who are qualified and able to undertake the responsibilities of a full-time gospel ministry.  They shall have met the educational requirements equal to a four-year Bible college experience with at least 24 hours in Bible and theology.  Candidates must be licensed for two years prior to receiving Ordination.

Basic Qualifications for Credentials

For basic qualifications and general information about credentials see page 3 & 4 of the Credential Procedures Manual. Please read the entire booklet carefully.


Click here to download the Credential Procedures Manual


Annulments, Marriage Dissolutions, and Divorces

In recent years the General Council has made limited exceptions for applicants with former spouses who are still living. These situations require personal interviews with the District Executive Team and special forms to be completed prior to obtaining an official application for any credential level. Ministerial applicants (and spouses) who have a former marriage need to contact the Northern Missouri District office and speak with the District Treasurer or Superintendent to initiate this process.

The General Council of the Assemblies of God recognizes four exceptions to the "married with a former spouse still living" rule: 1) Annulment, 2) Pre-Conversion Divorce, 3) Divorce due to Infidelity of an unbelieving spouse, 4) Divorce due to Abandonment by an unbelieving spouse. The Executive Presbytery is responsible to look at each situation to determine whether one of these exceptions is warranted. Ministerial applicants who have a former marriage, or whose spouse has a former spouse still living, need to contact the office of the District Treasurer or the Superintendent.